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The Littlehampton Concert Band takes a bow after performing at the Massed Bands Extravaganza Concert in Worthing's Assembly Hall

This is the website of the world famous Littlehampton Concert Band. We are a community focused concert band based in Littlehampton, West Sussex on the south coast of England.

The aim of our website is to provide all the background information you could ever need about the band as well as providing regular updates about forthcoming concerts and events.

You'll also find samples of the band, media cuttings and photos so there is plenty to see on the site. And if you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch.

Latest News from the Littlehampton Concert BandBreaking News from the Littlehampton Concert Band

Fantastic Summer Season

It's been a little while since we updated this site but it's because we've been so busy. And what a summer season we have had. Highlights include a wonderful afternoon in Arundel by the river, performing for our biggest audience yet at Proms in the Paddock in Lewis, a great Birthday Concert, and even performing at our conductor Bob's wedding.

If that was not enough, we even found time to have a little jaunt over to Jersey where we gave three performances including a very memorable concert with the Jersey Big Band. It wasn't all work as you can probably imagine - we had lots of fun, a trip to the War Museum, tour of the island, and a great evening dinner dance all included.

So what have we got planned for the Autumn I hear you ask - It's the Last Night of the Proms in Littlehampton in September, a very special joint concert with the Bognor Regis Concert Band plus a performance at the Weald & Downland Museum in November, then 3 Christmas concerts in December. Busy busy but all good fun so make sure you come and join us.

Andre Rieu Concert a HUGE success

The Littlehampton Concert Band put on a Viennese concert in the style of music legend Andre Rieu and the packed house at Littlehampton's Windmill Theatre loved every minute. The band played a variety of music including marches, waltzes and polkas and the crowd cheered and tapped their feet all the way through.

Conductor, Bob Haselip, admitted he did not play the violin but did perform the Carnival of Venice with the band on Flute. Other highlights included the Radetsky March, Rossini's Thievish Magpie overture, but best of all the Beautiful Blue Danube waltz.

It was a fantastic night and there are some great pictures, thanks to Nick Barnes for his photography. It was so good, we're going to have to do it again next year!

Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014
Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014 Andre Rieu style concert 29th March 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the fans of the Littlehampton Concert Band. We've got a smashing year ahead with lots going on so we hope you will come to see us lots over the coming months and are looking forward to some great music.

A few highlights of the year to tell you about include a Viennese Concert in the style of Andre Rieu, we're playing for the conductor's wedding, there is a trip to Jersey, another joint concert with the Bognor Regis Concert Band and loads more beside.

If you'd like to find out more, please visit out Concerts 2014 page for all the details.

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Last Night of the Proms

It's our famous Last Night of the Proms and this year's theme is not as black and white as it might sound. A popular board game is the clue - to find out more, get your tickets and join the fun.

The concert is on Saturday 20th September 2014 at 7:30pm at Littlehampton's Windmill Theatre. For tickets, contact the Box Office on 01903 722224.

Want to know more? See the Littlehampton Proms page for all the details.

Don't forget to check out the 2014 concerts page for our whole list of other great concerts.

Join The Littlehampton Concert Band

We're often approached by musicians asking if they can join the band and we welcome musicians of all ages and standards. Of course, we have to consider band size and balance so watch this space for details of any vacancies in the Littlehampton Concert Band.

The current vacancies we have are:-

Current Vacancies

1st & 2nd Bassoons

4th French Horn

2nd or 3rd Clarinet


If you play one of these instruments and would like to join the Littlehampton Concert Band, please contact Bob Haselip on 01243 788527 or email